March 3, 2020 

Where: 1925 W Main St, Inverness, FL 
When:  03/03/2020 @ 1:00 P.M.






Colonial Self Storage (CSS) auctions are conducted in accordance with the applicable Self Storage Facility Laws of the State of Florida - the tenants of auctioned storage units are in default of rent for their units.

At the sole discretion of CSS, we may decide to sell some or all items separately.  All items will be sold AS IS - WHERE IS.  CSS neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees of any kind.  The door of the storage unit will be raised, and Bidders may only look at the contents from OUTSIDE the unit. All sales are final - NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON!  You are bidding on ALL items within each lot, and the winning bidder is responsible for removing EVERYTHING in that lot from the storage facility, within 48 hours.  You may not use the dumpsters or otherwise dispose of any garbage at CSS facilities.  Beware – offenders may be prosecuted.  If you fail to remove any item within the allotted 48 hours, it will be considered abandoned and immediately becomes the sole property of CSS, who may dispose of it in any manner that they choose.  If the disposal costs money, then the buyer will be responsible for these costs.

The Auctioneer (CSS or third party) reserves the right to cancel any bids, for any reason.  Immediately following the auction, you must go make FULL PAYMENT for all your items, with CASH to the onsite CSS employee.  You will be given a receipt, which you must show to the facility staff, when removing items.

Nothing may be removed until after full payment has been made.  Bidder agrees to indemnify and holds harmless Auctioneer and CSS of any damages or injury resulting from attendance at any auction and the removal of property from any auction.  Upon acceptance of a bid by the Auctioneer, the risk of loss to the property shifts to the winning bidder.

Tenant right of redemption.  All sales are subject to the right of the tenant of the unit to redeem the property any time prior to the gavel falling at the auction sale.

Lienholder right of redemption.  All sales are subject to the rights of owners and lienholders of vehicles, trailers, boats and outboard motors to redeem the property immediately prior to the gavel falling.

If you find any “personal items,” including family pictures, personal paperwork or business records, then YOU MUST hand them to the CSS Manager, who will attempt to return them to the tenant.  CSS retains the right to request that certain items or a complete lot be purchased back (not to exceed the winning bid price) by CSS, in order to prevent any court action with the tenant.

We will not tolerate any foul language or inappropriate behavior of any kind.  SMOKING IS PROHIBITED on any CSS campus.    If bidders do not abide by our rules and regulations, or do not act in a respectful manner CSS employees have the right to ask you to leave the property and you may be banned from all future auctions.  Additional rules may apply if verbally announced by the Auctioneer.

In exchange for being allowed to view and bid at this auction, the undersigned, to the maximum extent permitted by law, releases any auctioneer, the property owner, its manager, agents, employees, officers, shareholders and directors from any and all claims, causes of action or damages of any type arising in any way out of the use or entry onto the property or the auction.

You must show your Driver’s License when registering.  No exceptions!



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